Monday, February 4, 2008

Thing 30 Blog be done!

Overall I have really liked keeping a blog. If I were doing it personally I would really go out on a limb and make some changes to my format, etc. I don't know if there would be something I would spend a lot of time blogging about on my own, but I could probably come up with some ideas.

The most surprising thing about the experience was how easy it was to do most things. Technology and its advances will continue to amaze me.

Would I do this type of training again? In a heartbeat! This experience gave me new hope for lifelong learning. I discovered a lot of neat sites and blogs along the way that will help me personally and with work. I do see the potential for creating a "What's New in Picture Books" blog or something like that.

As far as improvements . . . at first I thought some things were unclear, but most of that turned out to be operator error on my part. I am at an advantage because I had time at home to work on it. I think it may have been a lot for someone without access to a computer outside of work.
Overall it went well and was worth my time.


Virtual Librarian said...

Congrats! You completed 30 things, collaborated with peers and evolved as a lifelong learner.

Diane said...

Love your READ poster!! So cute! I've been reading your blog and have enjoyed it a lot!

Kay Wood said...

I like your blog! And thanks for showing Shelfari to us.

d_speller_ jr said...

I like the image that you put using the image generator! I shared my experience with MySpace with others who are curious about it.