Monday, February 4, 2008

Thing 30 Blog be done!

Overall I have really liked keeping a blog. If I were doing it personally I would really go out on a limb and make some changes to my format, etc. I don't know if there would be something I would spend a lot of time blogging about on my own, but I could probably come up with some ideas.

The most surprising thing about the experience was how easy it was to do most things. Technology and its advances will continue to amaze me.

Would I do this type of training again? In a heartbeat! This experience gave me new hope for lifelong learning. I discovered a lot of neat sites and blogs along the way that will help me personally and with work. I do see the potential for creating a "What's New in Picture Books" blog or something like that.

As far as improvements . . . at first I thought some things were unclear, but most of that turned out to be operator error on my part. I am at an advantage because I had time at home to work on it. I think it may have been a lot for someone without access to a computer outside of work.
Overall it went well and was worth my time.

Thing 29 I Blog therefore I . . .

I really enjoyed the entire Learning 2.0 experience. I was most taken with Flickr just because I do a lot with photography. I did learn a lot about RSS feeds, podcasting, and new technology in general.

I love looking at other staff blogs. In some cases they shed insight on the person and that was very interesting. The creativity of the different sites was great!

Kudos, Cindy for a job well done!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Thing 28 Rolly Polly Searching

I created a search roll for digital photography. The Rollyo site was interesting and I like the concept but I ran into some issues. Lists I created while signed in would not always be there when I went back. I was not able to get the link added to my blog automatically - or perhaps I just didn't do it correctly!

I do like the idea of creating a search mechanism that lets me utilize certain search engines.

Thing 27 It's a Library Thing

Check out my Library Thing shelf. I am also a member of Shelfari - you can view my shelf on the right side of my blog. Both of these sites offer a great way to keep track of what I have read, as well as tagging the entries.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thing 26 The Power of the Generator

I visited several of the image generators. I discovered that most of what some of them do I already do with Photoshop and too much time on my hands. I did go to one image generator site and made a sketch of Biskitt.

Things 23, 24, 25 Lights, Action, YouTube!

Here is my first attempt with YouTube.
I thought that YouTube was very easy to use.It allows you to enter tags, invite friends, control the privacy of your film as well as any comments you receive. It was a fun exercise.

In addition to making the slideshow that you see below, I created a podcast to accompany it. I did the podcast on my computer at home using GarageBand. It was fairly easy to do once I got the hang of it. I used iMovie to create the slideshow. This allowed me to adjust the timing of the podcast with the slides. It was a very interesting and educational process.

I have spent some time looking for podcasts in a variety of places. I think the greatest selection I found is in iTunes.

Thing 22 Fun Fun Fun the Flickr Way

I could spend all day looking at the many fun things that are available with Flickr and the various mashups. I like the idea of seeing other photos that have been taken in the same place - the mapping feature. This opens doors for travel groups and others to share common interests.

The pocket album from BigHugeLabs is a cute idea. I can see my little great nephew having a lot of fun with that. Also, I found their top digital camera listing to be very helpful.

It's nice the Flickr offers a way to upload many hi-res photos at once. Sometimes I have had trouble uploading photos to other online photo sites. Additionally, Flickr seems to offer a greater variety of fun things to do with photos compared to other sites.